If you are an adventurer who enjoys watching the gentle ripples of water, listen to the serene sound of nature, and soak up the morning sunlight, fishing is the best sport for you! 

Fishing is one of the outdoor activities that help improve your self-esteem by practising outdoor skills, achieving personal goals, and developing a sense of respect for our mother nature. 

Along with learning necessary fishing skills, buying a clothing material that is flexible and comfortable can help improve your fishing experience. 

The best fishing shirts can help wick away body sweat, resist body odour, prevent skin damages from the sun, repel unwanted bugs, and provide efficient cooling.

What Is The Difference Between Fishing Shirts and Regular Shirts?

Fishing shirts and normal shirts are both used to cover your body and offer you complete protection against sun, wind, and water. However, both the clothing types differ in terms of material, features, and UPF ratings.

  • Normal cotton shirts are perfect for regular and basic clothing styles that you can wear on any occasion. This clothing wear is light and comfortable. 
  • However, when it comes to any outdoor activities, cotton shirts are not recommended as they absorb moisture. Since cotton shirts are slow to dry and cease to provide any insulation, it leaves you all wet and cold. 
  • This brings an uncomfortable fishing experience. Besides, a regular cotton shirt has a UPF between 5 and 8, which means almost one-fifth of UV radiation passes through your skin.
  • On the other end, fishing shirts are fabricated from synthetic blends of best performing microfiber like polyester, spandex, and nylon. 
  • Fishing shirts are quick to dry, wicks away sweat, super light, durable, and fabricated from the best quality material. Unlike cotton shirts, fishing shirts have a 50+ UPF rating which is considered as one of the most effective ratings for blocking UV radiation.

What Are The Different Types of Fishing Shirts?

There are a variety of styles, designs, and material that differentiates fishing shirts from one another. 

  • The best long sleeves fishing shirts don't have buttons, zips, or pockets. Despite that, long sleeves shirts are one of the best fishing clothing wear that protects your skin from UV radiation, sunlight, and potential bruises from the wild bush while fishing.
  • Button up fishing shirts have fixed pockets and are more breathable. It continues to provide the best sweat absorption and protection against soaring high sunlight. 
  • Nylon fishing shirts are lightweight, durable, and best during cold days.
  • Polyester fishing shirts are best for summer fishing activities, as it absorbs swear more quickly and provides a comfortable fishing experience.

Why Buy A Fishing Shirt?

When fishing, anglers have to spend quite a long time under the sun. Without any protecting gear or right shirt material, you could end up with skin burn or allergies. 

Some of the health effects of UV radiation can result in skin cancer, premature aging, skin and eye damage, immune system suppression, and other skin-body complications.

  • With a 50+ UPF rating, fishing shirts are one of the best ways to protect your skin from any sun damage. It acts as a safety layer for your body against UV radiation.
  • Manufactured with fabrics that absorb wetness, fishing shirts can help leave your skin dry and fresh.
  • Fishing shirts offer you an extra layer of protection from potential cuts and bruises.
  • The fabrics of fishing shirts help air to pass through and provide you with a comfortable fishing experience.
  • Fishing shirts can also prevent the formation of body odour.

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