Oz Fishing Shirts started in the outback of Queensland, Australia with outlandish and radical shirt designs. Designed by outback adventurers for outback adventurers. People who love activities including hunting, camping & fishing and want to make sure they look eye-catching while doing it!

Oz Fishing Shirts are unique, wacky & creative, giving you the chance to stand out whether you are on your travels on the boat with your mates, camping out in the Aussie outback, or just kicking it in the Backyard having a few cold beers!

They’ll keep the sun off your skin on a hot day because the shirts are made from 50+UV protectant materials and 100% sun safe. 

Our prints are guaranteed to never wear or fade! 

The sublimation process that is used to embed the prints into the fabric ensures that they won't get damaged by the sun, won't wear or tear, and will keep you and your mates looking stunning for years to come!

So if you and your mates are heading out on a fishing trip and you want to look stylish in our customer favourite; Tuxedo print, or you’ve got a family trip planned up north to the Cape or Fraser island, or potentially you’re out mustering cattle in Far North QLD… Know and trust that Oz Fishing Shirts have got you, and your mates truly covered!

Head over to our shop page today and organise your next adventure in style in one of Oz Fishing Shirts unique and eye catching designs today!

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