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Every professional angler understands the importance of wearing the right clothing set when fishing. Clothing plays a vital role when fishing to help protect your body from outside weather conditions and enjoy the activity. 

For a beginner, however, choosing appropriate fishing clothing can be a daunting task. You also have to understand what will be the right fishing outfit for which weather. 

What Type Of Clothing You Should Wear When Fishing?

Depending on the weather conditions, most anglers find themselves fishing in extreme cold or heat. As a result, you should spend a good amount of time searching for the right fishing clothing that will not limit your ability. 

The general rule for choosing the right fishing outfit is to buy comfortable and flexible clothing. You would want to choose an outfit that will offer you comfort and let you move easily. Additionally, wearing appropriate fishing clothing will protect you from harsh weather conditions.

For Hot/Warm Weather

For hot/warm weather conditions, make sure you choose clothing that protects you from the heat - wear hats, polarised sunglasses, a facemask or something to cover your neck. Since the sun will be soaring high during fishing, you will sweat a lot. 

Therefore, choose fishing clothing fabricated with breathable material. Besides, you can also opt for UV protective fishing t-shirts to wick away sweat and quickly dry.

Avoid wearing beach shorts and flip-flops during fishing as they fail to offer you complete protection. Instead, opt for long sleeves fishing clothing and pants. For footwear, make sure you wear boots that offer you a good grip on wet, slippery surfaces. 

Breathable, waterproof shoes with good grip are great for fishing. Underneath your boots, avoid cotton or wool socks. Instead, opt for polyester ones as they dry quickly and are not heavy when wet.

For Cold Weather

For cold weather, wear clothing that will keep you warm and offer protection against dampness. If sunny, wear a warm hat and a pair of polarised sunglasses. To protect your face from the cold wind, use a winter buff. 

When fishing during cold weather, you should dress in layers. For the base layer, opt for something that will keep the warmth in and let the sweat out - Fleece fabric is the best! For the mid-layer, use sweatshirts and hoodies for more insulation to maintain the warmth. 

For the outer layer, choose a warm and waterproof jacket to protect the inner layers from getting wet. One of the best things you could do while planning for fishing during colder months is investing in a good pair of fishing gloves. 

Ensure the gloves have two layers - thermal insulation as a base layer glove and water/windproof as the outer layer.

For footwear, choose rubber boots to keep your feet dry. Since they are not good with insulation, you should wear high-quality wool thermal socks underneath. 

For Wet Weather

Are you planning your fishing trip during the rain? Go for waterproof clothing! Waterproof fishing clothing is a must when fishing in rain. Rain jackets should be your go-to clothing to protect your upper body from rain. 

Use a specialised fishing waterproof jacket with a hood and extra pockets over your base/mid-layer to wick away sweat or moisture and obtain comfort. 

Wear waterproof thin over-pants to protect your lower body from dampness. You can also opt for a fishing rain suit fabricated with high-tech material as they have great durability and will ensure you will not get wet from the inside.

Waterproof boots with good insulation and materials are essential. If it is cold, wear a pair of waterproof gloves.

Fishing Clothing Tips

  • Always carry a spare basic, cheap light PVC-overcoat
  • Wear layers of clothes depending on the weather condition - inner layer for insulation and outer for protection
  • Invest in comfortable, flexible, and high-quality fishing clothes
  • Choose breathable, waterproof shoes with good grip 
  • Buy fishing accessories (Fishing Vest, Hand warmers, etc.)
  • Use a sunscreen lotion with SPF 50 or more
  • Always carry spare gloves and socks 

General FAQs

1. What Do You Wear To a Guided Fishing Trip?

  • Non-skid rubber boots
  • Long-sleeve shirts
  • Gloves
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Safety goggles/protective eyewear
  • Sunblock (30+ SPF)

2. How Do You Dress Warm For Fishing?

  • Dress in layers
  • Tuck in clothes
  • Wear a hard hat line or ski mask
  • Look for waterproof winter gloves
  • Avoid thin cotton socks
  • Choose insulated and waterproof boots

3. How Does a Fisherman Dress?

  • The type of clothing for fishing depends on the weather condition. Generally, you should have a raincoat, jacket, pants, sweatshirt, thermal clothing, boots, hat, and sunscreen.

4. What To Wear Fishing On A Boat?

  • Warm, windproof, and waterproof jackets
  • Boots with softer rubber bottom 
  • Polarised fishing sunglasses
  • Extra set of clothing

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