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Right Type of Fishing Gear for your Kids

Fishing may seem complicated to first-time anglers and kids, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Today we will cover all the key aspects related to fishing and how can you find the right type of fishing gear for your kids.

Building an early fishing starter kit for your little one can be a fun activity for both of you. Preparing your kid for the fun day ahead on the lake, river, or surf can be one of the best ways to teach them about the ins and outs of fishing. Additionally, you may also want to teach them what types of equipment are necessary for future success in fishing. One of the key essential equipment for fishing is fishing poles. Having a fishing rod that is best for their skill level and physical growth can help make their time spent outdoors more fun than frustrating. Kids fishing rods are scaled-down adult fishing poles that cater more to the child profile. We do understand that finding the right fishing gear for beginners can be quite a task. But when searching for a fishing pole for your child, there are several qualities you should look for to ensure the equipment is kid-friendly, yet effective at the same time. You should consider traits of the equipment such as length, weight, usability, and durability. But first things first: you need to decide on which style of reel your child’s fishing pole should be paired with.

Three Most Popular Fishing Equipment for Kids

1) Reel Style

If we talk about compatibility with beginner fishing poles, there are two most preferred and popular styles of reels:

  • Open-faced (spinning reels) and
  • Closed-faced (spin cast or “push-button” reels).

Baitcast reels are also a great option and might be the best reel of choice for an adult fishing setup. However, they probably aren’t a great fishing gear option for a beginner as baitcasting reels have more advanced components and require a high skill level. Spincast reels are directly attached to spinning rods and feature a push-button mechanism that can activate the reel’s line release. This makes them an easy and simple fishing reel having fewer complications. Many beginner fishermen often start their fishing journey with a closed-faced style. This type of reel style is very user-friendly and a great choice for children under 6 years of age or kids who can’t regularly practise their casting. 

Spinning reels are best suited for children over the age of 7 and can also be a great option for youngsters whose interest in fishing grows with age.

Pro Tip: For new anglers, a spinning reel rod is one of the easiest ways to get outside with minimal investment, but for fly-fishing, saltwater fishing, ice fishing, and other types of gear fishing, different reels are all options that may interest you.

2) Rod Length and Material 

Once you have selected the right reel style for your kid's fishing pole, focus on the rod length. As much as your little angler wishes to cast that 10-foot surf rod, you might want to aim for a rod length that is quite long enough so that your kid can handle the equipment with ease. Don't choose a rod that is too short as it can affect your kid's casting capability. Additionally, you also don't want to stock your kid with some inefficient gears as it may hinder their confidence. Most fishing rods for kids will be roughly three to four feet in length. This allows your kid to create a fine balance between comfort and performance. As your child starts to become experienced with fishing, adjust their rod length accordingly.

3) Kid-friendly Fishing Accessories     

To accent, your child’s fishing pole, buy some additional items like a casting plug for practice, some snap swivels, and bobbers to fill your little angler’s tackle box. 

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